About Us

What makes us difference from others? At Singapore Insurance, we are a one stop station for at least 13 Insurance Companies. So why waste time, when time is money is valuable to everyone be it individual or coporate customers. What really makes us stand out from others. From research, many could find insurance quotes online and many may claim that they are the cheapest insurance in town or cheap insurance is what they are best at quoting. Well at Singapore Insurance, we not only provide cheap insurance quotes as well as giving door to door service for insurance service. Our founder is a car appraiser or car surveyor for more than 5 years already. In simple English, at Singapore Insurance, not only you can get insurance quotes and get your insurance done in the most professional means, we also take care of your means even in the event of car accidents. Well many would say that touch wood, we will not get into accident. Yes, no one wants to be involved in accidents. Accidents do happen. At that point of incident, you can you rely on? Plug in your computer online and go the website where you buy your insurance from to get help? Can those website portal, able to assist you in times of accidents? At point of accident, you are panic and lost, can you remember the insurance companies hotline numbers or your website portal able to help you? NO. But at Singapore Insurance, it is a simple hotline number you can rely on for help. 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year service you can rely on. You must remember you need to report your accident to your insurance within 24 hours or you may face losing your NCB.